a strategic partner.

We believe in design strategy without compromise; delivering transformations that create value, bring results, and influence behavior. We provide branding, design and development services across the spectrum for all your content.

We believe that great design drives more business.

Print & Digital

Specializing in compelling and consistent design and brand messaging across all media platforms.

Brand Identity/Logos

Providing brand-reinforcing naming and visual identity solutions that are remembered.

Web Design

By following the latest trends, we make sure you and your site’s users are engaged and love the experience!

Biz/Multimedia Presentations

Creating a stylish template, adding the right photos and type, video and animation just tells your story better.

Advertising/Social Media

Communicating socially is important and we can maintain social media design messaging for your business.


Our in-house photo studio provides our clients with professional quality photos for your products and business.

some of our latest work

Craft & Technical Ability. Superior control of the tools and great with outputting aesthetic work. Great use of color, typography, spacing and creating balanced compositions.

Great Taste. Having great taste allows the ability to reverse problems and deliver work that continually aims to reach a high standard.  Trends, influences and inspiration dictates the way we solve problems and the kind of work that we output.

Analytical Skills and Business Acumen. Not the first thing you think of when thinking of creative people! But to be a successful designer you need the ability to interpret data and information. To be able to successfully visualize that information to make it feel logical, delightful, invisible and responsive to the people using it is key to creating something that has real impact.

Communication Skills and Conviction. The ability to articulate design decisions to clients and colleagues and to be able to tell the story behind the design while engaging and inspiring them brings out the best in both. Having the confidence and conviction to follow through with your intuition, to say no when everyone want’s you to say yes is key to successful relationships.

Best Graphic Designers in Bridgeport

We are pleased to Blackdog Design Partners was chosen as one of the Best Graphic Designers in the Bridgeport area by Expertise.com

what they say about us
“Getting your message across can be difficult….having a go-to, right hand available resource is invaluable and being able to communicate directly with Suzanne when I have an idea in the morning that I want to get out by the end of the day and have it done has been a lifesaver. When I’m in a creative rut I make a call, explain my idea, and she turns my idea into a visual – communicates to my prospects or my existing clients quickly and professionallyI’ve gained my clients as a result of professional email campaigns, advertisements, social media blitzes, and brand awareness as a result of working with Suzanne at Blackdog.”” Alex Horton

Partner, BRBG Insurance

“Suzanne and her team at Blackdog have been able to capture our messages and create designs that connect like magnet to our clients. She takes the time to understand who we are, the needs of our clients and her designs are the bridge. Phenomenal job with every project..” Karen Hinds

President|CEO , Workplace Success Group

“I have worked with Suzanne for the past year at two companies: Henkel Corp (Stamford, CT) and Point72 Hedge Fund (NYC).  She is extremely responsive to client requests 24/7, very knowledgeable and creative and knows how to take a thought/concept and perfect it into a message that tells a story.  Her creations are not canned images but rather authentic creations. There is no task too big or too small – she is always willing to partner with her clients. Also her pricing is very reasonable and competitive.” Valerie Yanni

Head of Talent Acquisition and Diversity and Inclusion for NA at Henkel AND Leadership Development Team Management Coach for Point72 Hedge Fund

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